Andreas Glatt was one of the first makers to try to create a musical instrument reproduction with as much fidelity to the original as possible for a modern maker. At the first International Recorder Days/Festival of Flanders in 1972, he exhibited his Stanesby Jr. reproduction. It was made at the original pitch (A410) of his model instrument, which was at that time in the private collection of Mme. Chambure and is now in the permanent collection of the Musee de Paris.  In addition he kept the single holes and Hotteterre tuning of the original as well as coming very close to the original tone quality through his excellent voicing. After a hiatus from 1978-2000, during which he co-founded ACCENT records with his wife, Adelheid, he did not work as an instrument maker. Now he is back making traversos and recorders and he has faithfully kept to his original model, one of the only makers who has not compromised on either pitch or fingerings. Many players find the beautiful tone and response of the instrument to be worth the effort of learning Hotteterre fingerings and tuning the keyboard to A410.