Heinz Ammann, along with Ernst Meyer is one of the leading recorder makers from Switzerland. He has more than 30 years of experience in the making of recorders, both working for Fehr and Kung and on his own. He established his own independent workshop in 1996 and sells to professionals and advanced amateur players all over the world. The early baroque Haka instrument copies the external bore of the Edinburgh Haka, but uses the inner bore dimensions of a smaller instrument from the same period in the Hague, scaled to A415. This enables the instrument to play perfectly in tune for the full two octave and a note range, using standard English fingering. The instrument I have for sale is made of a beautifully grained example of olivewood and sounds very full and clear over the entire range. The price I am selling it for reflects the fact that I purchased it before the sharp increase in the Euro vs the US Dollar. The sound example is Conrad Steinmann playing a Castello sonata on the first Haka produced by Heinz Ammann at A440. The instrument for sale is at A415. 

Heinz Ammann Portrait (from Windkanal April 2001 - in German)

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List Price


Heinz AmmanHaka (X)
Soprano415OlivewoodTwoSingleEnglishNew - Outstanding tone - clarity with quickness!$1475 SOLD to the lady in Atherton


Heinz AmmanBoekhout
Bass415Stained Maple w/extending foot pegSixSingleBaroqueNew - outstanding baroque bass recorder. Plays high f# without needing to stop the bell!$3250 SOLD to personal collection