Fred Morgan was one of the seminal 20th century recorder makers, both raising the level of reproduction instruments and influencing many of the best makers still working today. He was a pioneer, making the first A392 copies of Bizey, one of the first Ganassi designs (along with Bob Marvin and Alec Loretto), and the first copies of the Rosenborg early baroque recorder following Eva Legene's research in that area. Rodney Waterman, a fellow Australian, has written a detailed Obituary containing much biographical data of interest to recorder players. Waterman's link also has a Discography of CD's using Morgan recorders. Read my review of the book  Recorders Based on Historical Models Fred Morgan, Writings and Memories originally published in May, 2008 issue of ARTAfacts.

In addition to makers influenced by Morgan, the workshop continues to produce partially finished bodies using his original specifications and reamers to be finished by a number of today's recorder makers, including Nikolaj Ronimus (better known as a performer) and Jacqueline Sorel among others. In a special agreement with Mollenhauer, his widow has licensed the Morgan name to be used with their Morgan Denner series of altos at A440.





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Alto440Stained Zapatero BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Very easy high notes. Excellent quality instrument at a very moderate price! $659 $509