Fred Morgan was one of the seminal 20th century recorder makers, both raising the level of reproduction instruments and influencing many of the best makers still working today. He was a pioneer, making the first A392 copies of Bizey, one of the first Ganassi designs (along with Bob Marvin and Alec Loretto), and the first copies of the Rosenborg early baroque recorder following Eva Legene's research in that area. Rodney Waterman, a fellow Australian, has written a detailed Obituary containing much biographical data of interest to recorder players. Waterman's link also has a Discography of CD's using Morgan recorders. Read my review of the book  Recorders Based on Historical Models Fred Morgan, Writings and Memories originally published in May, 2008 issue of ARTAfacts.

In addition to makers influenced by Morgan, the workshop continues to produce partially finished bodies using his original specifications and reamers to be finished by a number of today's recorder makers, including Nikolaj Ronimus (better known as a performer) and Jacqueline Sorel among others. In a special agreement with Mollenhauer, his widow has licensed the Morgan name to be used with their Morgan Denner series of altos at A440.





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MollenhauerMorgan Denner
Alto440Stained Zapatero BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Very easy high notes. Excellent quality instrument at a very moderate price! $659 $509
Fred MorganDenner
Fred Morgan


440European Boxwood w/Ivory Thumb BushingThreeDoubleEnglishUsed as new! Rare instrument made by Morgan Workshop and finished by Nicolas Ronimus! $4500 SOLD 8/14/2019 to the gentleman professional recorder player in Hong Kong
Fred Morgan/Ronimus Bizey


392 European Boxwood w/Ivory thumb bushing Three Double English Used, as New - in excellent condition! Fred Morgan body, voicing by Nicolaj Ronimus! $3750 SOLD 4/25/2017 to the gentleman professional recorder player in Copenhagen
Fred Morgan Bressan


415  Stained Rock Maple w/Ivory thumb bushing Three Double English Used - in excellent condition! One of Morgan's earliest recorders! A True collector's item!! $NLA SOLD 4/15/2017 to the lady professional recorder player in Copenhagen
Mollenhauer Morgan Denner (Special Edition)
 Morgan Denner SE A415 Boxwood
Alto415 European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish New - Soloistic tone! Special quality instrument at a very reasonable price! $1895 SOLD to private collection
Morgan-Ronimus Bressan
Morgan-Ronimus Voice Flute A415
Voice Flute 415 Stained Maple Three Double English Used - Mint condition! Has the second style of Morgan voicing, which is more open and a little breathy, rather than the narrower windway with more resistance and focus. This allows for quite a bit of projection. The waiting list for Morgan-Ronimus instruments is now 3-4 years, so get this while it is available! $3250 SOLD 7/11/2010
to the gentleman in Bologna.
Fred MorganBressan
ThreeDoubleEnglishUsed - VERY RARE!! Excellent condition. Suitable for Collectors and Professionals. Very minor wear to thumbhole and slight discoloration of lip (see photo).$5,750 O.B.O. SOLD 3/11/2009
to the gentleman in Nagoya.
Alto415Boxwood w/artificial ivory thumb bushingThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Body reamed and turned by Morgan's assistant Dieter, with original Morgan design, and tuned and voiced by Nikolaj Ronimus$2850

10/15/2005 to the gentleman in Fukuoka


Fred MorganBressan
Alto415Boxwood (detail of thumb hole)
ThreeDoubleEnglishUsed - VERY RARE!! Pristine condition. Excellent for Collectors and Professionals. Beautiful haunting tone with full low notes and singing high notes.$5,000SOLD
07/09/2005 to the professional recorder player in Belgium
Fred MorganBressan
Alto415/440Boxwood (detail of thumb holes)
ThreeDoubleEnglishUsed - VERY RARE!! Two centers AND foot joints! Pristine condition. Excellent for Collectors and Professionals. It plays beautifully at A415 and is the nicest baroque recorder I have ever seen or heard at A440 after successful revoicing by Ralf Ehlert!$6,500

SOLD to the gentleman in Japan

w/Ivory Beak
ThreeSingleEnglishSuperb early Morgan$5000