Jacqueline Sorel is a recorder maker and a professional recorder player based in The Hague. After taking instrument making classes with Fred Morgan and Ricardo Kanji she began producing instruments with Ricardo Kanji and has been making instruments with her own mark in her workshop since 1987.  As a player herself she says her approach towards instrument-making is based on the needs of the player in today's performance practice of early music. Therefore she aims for a rich sound and maximum flexibility in playing conditions within the possibilities of the recorder.  In other words she feels the player should be active and creative in sound production as opposed to having the sound fully imposed upon them by the maker and instrument. She makes her instruments after historical models found in museums and in private collections, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and her instruments are played by many musicians all over Europe, as well as in the USA, South America and Japan.






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Jacqueline Sorel Sorel
Alto440Palisander RosewoodThreeDoubleEnglish Used - Mellow high notes, full lower register! $1550$1350
Jacqueline SorelDebey
Alto415BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish Used Mint Condition!- Very Clear Tone. Smooth High Notes! $1950$1775