Jean-Luc Boudreau is one of the finest recorder makers in the world and has been working in this field since 1980.  His background is in science and music and he is mainly interested in the development of instruments inspired by early recorders found in various private collections and museums.  His handmade instruments span the renaissance to baroque periods and include early baroque or transitional recorders as well.  Several years ago, he added the Aesthé line of moderately priced instruments and they are his most widely sold line, allowing advanced amateurs to purchase quality instruments at a readily affordable price.  We are proud to be one of his authorized dealers for the Aesthé and Boudreau lines. His workshop is near his house, in a quiet suburb of Montreal and he has won awards for both the quality of his instruments and his exporting capabilities to both the US and Europe as well as to Asia.  If you can read German, here is a Portrait of Jean-Luc Boudreau from Windkanal 2001 (In German)

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List Price


Aesthé (Boudreau)Aesthé
Soprano 440 European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish New - professional quality at a moderate price! $805$855
Aesthé (Boudreau)Aesthé
Soprano 415European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish New - professional quality at a moderate price! $870$925
Boudreau Steenbergen

Soprano 440 European Boxwood Three Double English Used - Mint condition! Professional quality soprano at A440. $1500 $1195
 Jean-Luc Boudreau Denner

Sopranino 415Grenadilla/IvoryTwoDoubleEnglishNew - Very pleasing sweet tone, perfect for Couperin, Handel, Vivaldi, and Shannon! $1800


 Jean-Luc Boudreau Bressan
Boudreau Bressan Fourth Flute A415
Fourth Flute (soprano in Bb) 415European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish New - Perfect instrument for Dieupart and several other soprano suites and sontatas in flat keys! $1680