Tim Cranmore
has been making historical copies of recorders since 1980 in England. His instruments, more than most, are very close to the sound of the original instruments he uses for models. I have compared both his Bressan alto and Haka soprano to recordings using the original instruments, and the sound is really quite close. The Haka soprano has a very pure light sound, and plays the highest notes with a sweetness that is a delight - in other words the tone is not harsh at all, but rather quite pleasing to the ear.  It is not an instrument for concertos, but rather for solo sonatas or even the soprano line in an SATB consort.  The model we have for sale has single holes and uses original baroque fingering. The only concession Tim has made to modern performers is that he scaled the instrument to play well at A415 from its original, slightly lower pitch.

Tim Cranmore exhibiting at Stockstadt 2008





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Tim Cranmore  Stanesby

Alto 415 European Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish Used - Very good condition with light signs of wear! $2350 $1650
Tim Cranmore  Bressan
Fourth Flute (Soprano in Bb)415European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish New - Perfect instrument for Dieupart and several other soprano suites and sontatas in flat keys! $1950$2150
Tim Cranmore  Stanesby Jr

Sixth Flute (Soprano in D)415European Boxwood
w/Ivory Thumb Bushing
ThreeDoubleEnglish Used. Mint Condition! Perfect instrument for French baroque flute music fast movements as alternative to VF. $1950 SOLD! To the gentleman in Ann Arbor
Tim Cranmore  Dordrecht
Tim Cranmore Dordrecht Soprano Plumwood A440
Tim Cranmore Demo
Soprano440Plum/BoxOneSingleJambe de FerNew-Amazing re-construction of one of the earliest surviving recorders! $1050 SOLD! 2 copies in 2012
Tim Cranmore  Haka
Haka Soprano
You can hear an original Haka on Frans Bruggen Edition Vol. 4 (Early Baroque Recorder Music - Teldec 4509-97466-2) Track 4 (Van Eyck) X
415 European Boxwood w/artificial ivory mountsThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Very pure sweet tone like the original! Based on the earliest true baroque soprano. After Haka Soprano ebony with ivory mounts c. 1685-1690 in the Frans Bruggen Collection at A410. $2150 SOLD! 1/14/2020 to the Lady in Colorado
Tim Cranmore  Haka
Soprano415Boxwood w/artificial ivory mountsTwoSingleBaroqueNew - Very pure sweet tone like the original! Based on the earliest true baroque soprano. Haka had previously made a late transitional soprano style, an example of which is now in the Edinbugh Museum.  There are four surviving baroque sopranos in museums and private collections. $2150 SOLD! 1/12/2009 to the Gentleman in Brussels
Tim Cranmore Bressan (X)
Alto405Boxwood w/artificial ivory mountsThreeSingleBaroqueNew - Exact copy of original Bressan recorder at the original low pitch!  Beautifully re-voiced by Ralf Ehlert for extra dark tone and projetction. You can play this recorder along with CD's made with original Bressan instruments by such players as Frans Bruggen, Hugo Reynes, Walter van Hauwe and Kees Boeke. $2750

SOLD! 11/15/2007 to the Japanese Gentleman in Cambridge