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Stanesby's later instruments show a simplification of the older Baroque exterior following the general trend toward the classical woodwind design. Typical examples are a few recorders showing a slender profile with a footpiece similar to those of transverse flutes of the time, omitting the bulbous bottoms of recorders made by himself, his father, and others a generation earlier. But this exterior change is not matched by a change in acoustical properties.  Andreas Glatt makes an exact copy of the Stanesby Jr. alto in Paris at A410, with single holes and Hotteterre fingering. Notable copies of the Stanesby Jr. alto at A415 with double holes and English fingering include Morgan, van der Poel, and von Huene.


Handel Sonata in F Major HWV 369:         Stanesby Sr.     Ehlert Stanesby Sr.
                                                                       Bruggen             Oberlinger
X                                  X
Allegro:                 X                                  X

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Rob Turner Stanesby
Rob Turner Bressan Soprano A440 Ivory
Soprano440Artificial IvoryTwoSingleEnglish Used - Mint condition - charming tone - turned from artificial ivory and feels and sounds like real ivory! NLA$1550
MoeckStanesby Sr.
Alto440Castello BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Haunting tone, excellent high notes! $1400 $995
MoeckStanesby Sr.
Alto440Antiqued Castello BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Haunting tone, excsllent high notes! Beautiful antique finish $1425 $1005
Moeck Stanesby Sr.
Alto415Indian BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Haunting tone, excsllent high notes! $1495 $1095
Moeck Stanesby Sr.
Alto415Antiqued Indian BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Haunting tone, excsllent high notes! Beautiful antique finish. $1505 $1105
Tim Cranmore Stanesby Jr

Sixth Flute (Soprano in D)415European Boxwood
w/Ivory Thumb Bushing
ThreeDoubleEnglish Used. Mint Condition! Perfect instrument for French baroque flute music fast movements as alternative to VF. $1950$1750
Peter van Der Poel Stanesby
Peter van der Poel Stanesby Jr. Ebony Alto A415
Alto415EbonyThreeSingleEnglish Used - Mint Condition! Large sound. Revoiced by Dale Taylor June, 2015 $2150 $1850
Tim Cranmore Stanesby

Alto 440Boxwood w/ivory thumb bushingThreeDoubleEnglish Used - Nice sound with rich overtones and a very slight English chiff. Mint condition with almost no signs of wear! Revoiced by the maker at Stockstadt 2014. $2150$1850
Martin Wenner Stanesby

Alto 415 European Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish New - Professional quality instrument. Marvelous sound! Hand-picked at the 2015 Boston Early Music Festival! $1825 $1950
Fern (David Coomber) Stanesby
Alto415Stained Zapatero
ThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Professional quality at a very reasonable price! $1400 SOLD
12/31/2009 to the gentleman in St. Catherines, Ontario
DolmetschStanesby Jr.
Dolmetsch Stanesby Jr. VF Ebony A440
Voice Flute440Ebony w/Ivory Thumb BushingThreeDouble English Used - Excellent condition. Perfect for playing baroque flute music at modern pitch! $2150SOLD
12/12/2009 to the gentleman in Tampa
Jacqueline SorelStanesby Sr. Alto405BoxwoodThreeSingleHotteterreNew - Exact copy of original in Frans Bruggen's Collection. Photo shows copy vs Fred Morgan's drawing of the original instrument. Beautifully re-voiced by Ralf Ehlert for darker and more penetrating tone$1950 SOLD
10/16/2009 to the gentleman in Ann Arbor
Peter van der Poel Stanesby Jr.
Alto415BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Has lovely dark tone for French music. $1650 SOLD
23/2007 to the gentleman in
Fern (David Coomber) Stanesby
Alto415Stained Zapatero
ThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Professional quality at a very reasonable price! $1400 SOLD
15/2007 to the lady in Austin
Ralf Ehlert Stanesby
Voice Flute415Stained European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishNew - Perfect for Boismortier, Telemann, and Hotteterre. Solid low d and e with no burbles! $1950 SOLD!

3/29/2006 to the gentleman in Nagoya 

MoeckStanesby Sr.
Alto440Castello BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglishUsed  - Great Value! Haunting tone, excellent high notes! Comes with leather case. $1200 SOLD 1/20/2005
Tom SearsStanesby Jr.
Alto415GrenadillaThreeSingleEnglishHigh notes speak extremely easily $1600 SOLD



Stanesby Sr. Sixth Flute in ivory - Dayton Miller Collection 1214 Sixth flutes are sopranos in d, an octave higher than the voice flute they are suitable for some English concertos as well as occasional French flute music with a low tessitura.
Stanesby Sr.  Alto, Hornimann MuseumEhlert, Sorel, Moeck 
Stanesby Jr. Alto, Parisvan der Poel, Glatt, von Huene, Ammann