Küng (aka Kung or Kueng) Recorder Manufacturing Company was founded in Switzerland by Franz Küng in 1933. The company is managed today by Andreas Küng in charge of administration and handmade historical instrument copies and Thomas Küng in charge of production. The company is best known for its Superio line of recorders, particularly the bass and great bass and also it's Historica line (Denner sopranino and Rippert Alto). Along with Christoph Trescher and Heinz Ammann, they also produce the Marsyas line of recorders.

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Kung Classica
Kung Classica Bass Pearwood A440
Bass 440 Pearwood Four Double w/KeysEnglish Used - Mint Condition! Mellow bass sound! $1450 SOLD!
Andreas Kung Denner
Andreas Kueng Grenadilla Denner Alto at A415
Alto415 Grenadilla ThreeDoubleEnglish Used - Mint Condition! - Revoiced by Andreas Kueng Sept 5, 2009 to play like new! $2150 SOLD!
Kung Masterpiece
Tenor 440 Bubinga w/Ivory mountings Three Double holes for d/d#, key for low C English Used - mint condition collector's item with genuine ivory mountings! N/A SOLD! 1/15/2006 to the gentleman in D.C. 
Küng Superio
Knick Bass 440Pear ThreeDouble/Keys English Used -Bargain low price! Instrument is in perfect condition and is very strong. $1550

SOLD! 6/21/2005 to the lady in Denver


Küng Superio
Alto 440 Tulipwood Three Double English Used -  Excellent quality instrument at a very moderate price! $775 SOLD! 7/15/2003
Andreas Küng Rippert
Alto 440Stained Boxwood Three Double English New! - Excellent hand crafted recorder after original at A440 $1200 SOLD! 12/15/2002