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Rottenburgh Voice Flute in Berlin

Klemisch Denner VF vs Bruggen Denner VF Plan

Prescott Denner VF vs. Bruggen Denner VF Plan

Bressan Voice Flute DMC 0989

Bressan Voice Flute DMC 0989 center compared with Ehlert Stanesby Jr. Voice Flute center

Top: Bressan Voice Flute Head DMC 0989, Middle: Ehlert VF Head, Bottom: DMC Bressan VF 0834 Head

Johann Schell Tenor in Innsbruck - Boxwood

Schell Tenor - Head Stamp

Schell Tenor - Head Stamp and Turning

Schell Tenor - Head Turning Detail

Schell Tenor - Mouth and Window

Schell Tenor - Mouth (profile)

Schell Tenor - Foot Stamp

Schell Tenor - Foot Turning

Bassano Renaissance Tenor in Dayton Miller Collection - showing thumbhole on opposite side!

Renaissance Tenors in Berlin

Bressan Tenor in Castello Sforza, Milan Italy

Hotteterre Tenor in Paris

Hotteterre Tenor in Paris

Stanesby Jr. Tenor in Paris

JB Martin - Paris