Unicorn Music - HOME Baroque bass recorders were used both as continuo instruments and also as the bass line of SATB consorts.
Chart showing the relative number of surviving baroque bass recorders compared to other sizes of recorder.
It is the most common after the alto recorder, beating out sopranino, soprano, tenor and voice flute sizes.
Chart of the most common surviving baroque bass recorders by maker.


Baroque bass recorders (plus Bressan alto) in Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin

Legend for picture at left

Denner Bass Recorder with other instruments in Berlin

Head of Denner Bass in Berlin

Boekhout Bass in Swiss Private Collection

Used as model by Heinz Amman

Copy of Boekhout Bass (+ Open Foot Joint) by Heinz Amman, 2002

Rottenburgh Bass - Head and Body

Rottenburgh Bass - Key

Rottenburgh Bass - Foot Joint with Key

Denner & Rozmberk Basses at Vermillion Shrine to Music

Denner Bass at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Kynsecker, Denner, and Oberlander Basses in Paris

Denner - Paris

Denner - Paris

Haka - Paris

Hotteterre - Paris

N Hotteterre - Paris

Oberlander - Paris

Rippert - Paris

Rippert - Paris

Schlegel - Paris

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