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If you have any good digital photos or scans of instruments in museums or private collections you would like to see on this site, please email them to me at bizweb5@yahoo.com Thanks!

Additional photos of historical instruments - by Heinz Ammann

LINKS: Some Outstanding Articles from Various Websites:

History of the Recorder - by Nicholas Lander

Recorders Based on Historical Models – Fred Morgan,Writings and Memories

16 Recorders at Four Relative Pitches - Article and Chart by Rodney Waterman

21 Recorders at 5 Pitches - Chart Adapted and Revised by Charles Fischer

Families of Recorders in the late 17th and 18th Centuries - by Andrew Robinson

Historical Fingerings for Recorders - by Brian Blood

A Memento - The Medieval Recorder - by Nicholas Lander

A Listing of Inventories and Purchases of Flutes, Recorders, Flageolets, and Tabor Pipes, 1388-1630 - Compiled by David Lasocki

Early Music Periodicals: Past and Present - Compiled by David Lasocki

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