Jean-Jacques Rippert (c1645--1724) was a French woodwind instrument maker, one of the first generation of baroque recorder makers. He was described as early as 1696 as ’Jean-Jacques Rippert master maker of woodwind instruments’ and a ’maker of flutes’.  There is documentary evidence that he was highly regarded by his contemporaries by  Sauveur  in 1704, who names and Jean Hotteterre as ’the most able woodwind makers in Paris’.  Surviving instruments bearing the mark of Rippert and a sign of a dolphin attest to Rippert’s mastery and specialization in flute making. Listed in Young are thirty of his instruments, which include 22 recorders (2 sopranos, 9 altos, 5 tenors, and 6 bass recorders) as well as 4 transverse flutes and 3 oboes.  There is documentary evidence that he had retired from active instrument making by 1716, so his surviving instruments definitely belong to the first generation of baroque recorder makers. His most copied instrument is an alto at the original pitch of A440. There is some supposition that this is really an alto in g at A392, like the ones of J. C. Denner or Hotteterre, who were also in the first generation of baroque recorder makers. Modern makers who produce Rippert altos in f at A440 are von Huene, Klemisch, Andreas Kung, and Ralf Netsch.


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von Huene Rippert


440 Stained Boxwood w/Ivory Thumb Bushing Three Double English Used, As New - Revoiced and added Ivory Thumb Bushing. Very sweet sounding soprano for SATB consort playing! $1690 $1450
Von Huene Rippert

Alto 440 Boxwood w/ivory thumb bushing Three DoubleEnglish Used, as new - Recently revoiced by the maker and thumbhole bushed. $2390$1950
Andreas Kung Rippert


Alto 440 Stained Boxwood Three Double English New! - Excellent hand crafted recorder after original at A440 $1200 SOLD Guido Klemisch Rippert


Alto 440 Ebony w/Artificial Ivory Three Double English New - Excellent Rippert Model! Original instrument at A440 $1500 SOLD