Unicorn Music - HOME Ralf Ehlert is unique among today's recorder makers, because in addition to having his own workshop for hand-made recorders, he is also the chief designer and production manager for Moeck. He is responsible not only for the eponymous “Ehlert-Alto” and “Ehlert-Tenor”, but also for designing the Hotteterre tenors at both A415 and A440 and the Stanesby Sr. and Jacob Denner Altos at A415 and A440.  In addition he was, along with Martin Praetorius, responsible for the complete re-designing of Moeck's consort recorder line! The Hotteterre tenors were recently selected as the “best of the factory-made tenors available” by Tish Berlin in a survey in American Recorder Magazine, November, 2004.

The following sound samples compare an original Stanesby Sr. Alto played by Frans Bruggen with a copy made by Ehlert for Dorothee Oberlinger. While the overall harmonics seem quite similar to me, the original instrument is more focused and also has a more pronounced chiff. Also note the delightful combination of bass recorder (Ehlert/Moeck Rottenburgh) doubling the continuo line with the Ehlert version of the alto.

Handel Sonata in F Major HWV 369:         Stanesby Sr.     Ehlert Stanesby Sr.
                                                                       Bruggen             Oberlinger
X                                  X
Allegro:                 X                                  X

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Moeck Ehlert (Golson) (X)
Ehlert (Handel) (X)
Alto440 Castello BoxwoodThree Double w/two silver keys English + Special high octave (incl f#!) New - Incredibly powerful low notes plus high f# - all with beautiful baroque voicing! $1795$1549
Ralf Ehlert Stanesby
Voice Flute415Stained European BoxwoodThreeDouble English  Used-Excellent condition. Perfect for Boismortier, Telemann, and Hotteterre. Solid low d and e with no burbles! $2750$2450
Ralf Ehlert Bressan


440European Boxwood ThreeDouble EnglishNew! Amazing sound quality. Scaled from the original at A408. $2350$2450
Ralf Ehlert Bressan (Supreme)
Oblinger/Ose Keller(X)
Eloy Cortinez/Bach(X)
415Stained Flamed European Boxwood ThreeDouble EnglishNew - Perfect for Purcell, Handel, Corelli, and Hotteterre! Solid low g and f with no burbles! $2750$3150
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