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Alto Recorder From Zero is a systematic approach for beginners and intermediates on the alto recorder which treats the instrument in its proper historical context. This edition contains 120 pieces of carefully graded original, folk, renaissance, and medieval music as well as an introduction to renaissance tonguing and a brief introduction to modal theory. Although AFZ is intended to be used with a teacher, who guides the student and plays the bottom part of the duets, the mature student who has had some previous musical training can also use this method for self-study. NOTE: Lessons 1-10 for Alto Recorder are now available FREE online (see table below). You can print them out for free and try them with your student/s (if you are a teacher) or with your teacher (if you are a student) or with your partner if you are an experienced player already - it’s all great music.

The remaining 20 lessons are now ready for online ordering as Part II for lower intermediates (Lessons 11-22) and Part III for intermediates (Lessons 23-30). Alto Recorder From Zero is Truly Impressive, March 17, 2005 - Personal communication from Jim Carpenter I should take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with the lessons. I'm on lesson 6 or 7 downloaded from the Internet, and I am truly impressed at how musical the selections are. As I work my way thru each one I can sense immediately what the pieces ought to sound like, and the very measured pace at which new notes are added is wonderful. When I start a new piece I find I can play 90 percent immediately--it's only the other 10 percent that needs to be worked on. By the time I've satisfactorily "mastered" the new piece I can move to the next one, finding that I can play 90 percent of it....etc. I'm working without a teacher, but with other beginning recorder methods to help me with fingerings, etc...Any reasonably self-motivated learner can make wonderful use of the lessons. Thank you for this excellent course.


Alto Recorder From Zero (sent as .pdf files by email so that shipping is free anywhere in the world!)

Alto Recorder From Zero, lessons 11-23 (lower intermediate)  $14.95

Alto Recorder From Zero, lessons 23-30  (intermediate) $14.95

Lesson (click on the lesson number to get the .pdf file) Piece #Title ComposerYearNew NotesPedagogy
1 1, 2ExerciseCPF 2001e, dwhole, half, 4/4 time, tonguing
  3, 4"" "c"
 5, 6" ""  quarter notes
2 7"""  e to c in wholes
 8" "" e to c in halves
  10 - 12"" " e to c in quarters
313 - 16 """g, f stepwise
  17, 18"" " intervals in halves
419, 20 """  intervals in quarters
  21, 22"" " eighth notes
 23, 24" ""  stepwise in eighths
525 AllemaingneSusato1551  cut time, repeat signs
 26Exercise CPF2002low c# alto octave up
  27Quant Je Voi Yver Retorner Colin Musetc. 1225  D.C. al Fine
  28ExerciseCPF 2002high a'alto octave up
 29San Vos AmeProvencal12th c.  first and second endings
 30 AllemaingneSusato1551  dotted half and quarter note in cut time
 31De Post with RepriseSusato1551  tactus, dotted half = half
632 ExerciseCPF2002 low aalto octave up
 33Ronde Susato1551  dotted quarter and eighth note in cut time
 34Les Quatres BranslesSusato1551   
  35ExerciseCPF 2002low galto octave up
736 BransleGervaise1555   
  37Balaam ProphetantiMotet 13th c. 6/8 compound duple, two sixteenth notes in compound duple
838 Ballet des MatelotsPraetorius 1612 fermata
 39J'ai TrouvéMotet13th c.  four sixteenth notes in compound 3/8
940 Tuit Cil Qui SuntProvencal 12th c. compound duple 6/8
 41 SaltarelloItalian14th c.  D. S. al Fine
 42Biaus Sire DieusMotet13th c.   
1043 ExerciseCPF2002 high b'

high c'

alto octave up
 44Courante Praetorius1612  compound duple 6/4
  45ExerciseCPF 2002high Bb'alto octave up
 46Ronde "Pour Quoy"Susato1551   
1147 AllemaigneSusato1551  sixteenth notes in cut time
 48 BergeretteSusato1551  D. C. al Fermata
1249 MaravillososAlphonso X El Sabio c. 1250 16th note triplets in 6/8 compound duple
  50ExerciseCPF 2003 review low g
 51" "" alto octave up
  52Letetur IustusMotet 13th c. review low g
 53Exercise CPF2003low f  
  54"""  alto octave up
1355Sanctus Spanish Conductus13th c.  long duet, student can play both parts
1456 Owe Daz Nach Liebe GatAlexanderc. 1280  
 57Cuidoient Li LosengierGuillebot de Berneville 13th c.  
 58Courante M. Praetorius1612   
  59ExerciseCPF 2003eb 
 60" "2003  alto octave up
  61Seigneurs, SachezLe Roi de Navarre1239   
15 62Novus Miles Sequitur Conductusc. 1170  Mixolydian mode
  63Cleri CaetusSpanish Conductus13th c.  eighth note triplets in cut time
16a64 ExcerciseCPF1975  Renaissance Tonguing Syllables
 65" "2002  
 66" ""  
 67" ""  
 68Pavane de SpaignePraetorius1612   
16b69 BranslesPraetorius1612   
17a70 Syncopation Excercise 1CPF 1975 Basic Syncopation; Playing without barlines
 71 Syncopation Exercise 2""   
  72Viva La MusicaPraetorius 1612 Ionian mode
 73 Syncopation Exercise 3CPF 1975  
17b74Singet Dem HerrenPraetorius1612  Ionian mode
 75Aus Tiefer NotAgricolac. 1530  Phrygian mode
 76Haussegen Gumpelzheimerc. 1600  Ionian mode
  77Der Grimmig Tod Gumpelzheimerc. 1600  Dorian mode
  78Modal Cadences 1 partCPF 1975  
 79Modal Cadences 2 parts""  Ficta
18a80 Syncopation Exercise 4""  Double syncopation
18b81 Imprerayntz de la CiutatSpanish Motet c. 1300 Dorian mode
 82Quant J'ay L'espartMachautc. 1355  Dorian mode
19a83Hemiola Exercise 1CPF1975  Hemiola
 84Hemiola Exercise 2""   
  85Bransle CouranteCaroubel    
 86Bransle GayGervaise1550   
19b87 CourantePraetorius1612   
  88VoltePraetorius 1612  
20a89Senti Tu D'AmorDonato da Firenze c. 1350  
 90 Bergerette Sans RochSusato 1551  
20b91 BiciniumAnon.c. 1500  Hypolydian mode
21a92Can She Excuse My Wrongs (excerpt)Dowland   Reverse Hemiola
 93 Syncopation Exercise 5CPF 1975 Metrically Shifted Pulse
  94GalliardPraetorius 1612 Mixed meter
21b95Now Wolde Y FayneEnglishc. 1450  Dorian mode with mixed meter
 96Pavane and Galliard Pass et Medio (Passamezzo)Susato 1551 Tactus: dotted half = whole
22a 97Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verderbt Kaspar  Othmayrc. 1550  Aeolian mode with mixed meter
 98Ecco La PrimaveraFrancesco Landini c. 1360 Mixed meter with barlines
22b 99Alas Departynge Is Ground of Woo Englishc. 1460  Transposed Aeolian with mixed meter
23a100Qui VenitJosquin des Prezc. 1500 Transposed Dorian with mixed meter
  101Qui Cum PatreJacob Obrechtc. 1485  Aeolian canon with mixed meter
23b102Zucht Eer und LobHeinrich Isaak   Whole note gets one beat
24a103Mitten Wir Im Leben SindKaspar Othmayr c. 1547 Phrygian with mixed meter
24b 104Christ Lag In Todebanden Kaspar Othymayrc. 1547  Dorian mode with mixed meter
 105Et ResurrexitPierre de la Rue c. 1510 Transposed Dorian mode with mixed meter
25a 106BiciniumM.J. de Castro 1593 Mixed meter
25b107Aler Men VeusJohannes Ciconiac. 1380 Double syncopation, musica ficta
26a 108Conuerte Nos (Canon) Laurentius Lemlinc. 1525  Part reading with mixed meter
 109Quam Pulchra  Es (Canon)J. H.c. 1550 Part reading with mixed meter
  110In Carne Vale (Canon) Germanc. 1545  Part reading with mixed meter
26b111A Due VociGiovanni Gastoldi1598  high g#Extended syncopation
27a112Io Mi Son GiovinettaJan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 1612high AbBreath mark phrasing in vocal piece
27b112 (cont) """  "
28a 113Difference Tones ICPF 2003  Pure Thirds (5:4)
 114 Difference Tones IICPF2003  Perfect Fifths (3:2)
 115Novo Profusi GaudioEnglish Carol c. 1450 Compound/Mixed Meter
28b 116Novus Sol de Virgine English Carolc. 1450  Compound/Mixed Meter
  117Der Ratten Schwanz Germanc. 1500high e' Mixed Meter with triplets
29a118Lamour de MoyAntoine Bruhierc. 1520 Extended piece with breath marks for vocal phrasing
29b"" ""  
30a119 Ricercare a Due VociOrlando di Lasso 1585 Whole note gets one beat
30b 120BiciniumAnonymous c. 1500 A la breve (double whole note gets one beat)
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