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From time to time we get hautboys aka baroque oboes, traversos aka one-keyed wooden flutes, early clarinets, shawms, cornemuses,  and krumhorns on consignment. Like our recorders, they are sold with a 7-day trial-period return policy. You only keep the instruments you like! If you'd like more information on the instruments and makers and other musical matters, here are some links to the relevant Yahoo users groups:

HautboyResearch v EarlyClarinet v EarlyFlute  and another excellent website for double reeds: Robert Cronin Shawms,  Large Oboes and Bassoons

Maker Model Size Pitch Material Pieces




List Price


Moeck Steinkopf
Bass 440 Maple Two Single/DoubleRackett Used - Instrument in excellent condition! Needs staple & reed. $NLA SOLD!
Moeck Steinkopf
Soprano/Alto 440 Maple Two SingleRackett Used - Instrument in excellent condition! Needs staple & reed. $NLA SOLD!
Christopher Monk/ Jeremy West Curved Cornett
Cornett Cornetto
Alto in G 440 Leather-Covered Resin One + Mouthpiece SingleCornetto Used - Instrument in mint condition! $450 SOLD!
 Jeremy West How to Play Cornett
175 pp. plus fingering chart NA NA NA NACornetto Used - As New condition! Complete book with many examples and excercises! $49 SOLD!
Aulos Stanesby
Aulos Plastic Stanesby Traverso A440
Traverso 440 Plastic Four w/key SingleTraverso Used - Instrument in mint condition! Very inexpensive way to start playing traverso/baroque flute. $349 SOLD! 12/25/2011 to the gentleman in Leiden
Koerber Renaissance
Tenor Straight Crumhorn 440 Maple Two (plus 1 cane reed included) SingleRenaissance Used - Instrument in mint condition! Has cylindrical bore and tone like crumhorn, but no curve! NLA SOLD! 11/13/2011 to the gentleman in Austin
Wood Renaissance
Wood Alto Cornemuse A440
Alto Cornemuse 440 Maple Two SingleRenaissance Used - Instrument in very good condition with excellent reed included. NLA SOLD! 10/05/2011 to the gentleman in Brazil
Wood Renaissance
Contrabass Rackett
Contrabass Rackett showing maker's markContrabass Rackett showing crack
Contrabass Rackett 440 Maple Two (plus 2 reeds included) SingleRackett Used - Instrument in very good condition with one crack at the base which doesn't affect the tone or intonation NLA SOLD! 5/26/2010 to the gentleman in Australia
Dan Noonan Denner

Baroque Oboe or Hautboy 415 Plumwood Three (plus 3 reeds and two extra staples included) Single/DoubleSaxon Used - Instrument re-reamed and tuned by Sand Dalton in 2005. Sand also made the five staples included.
Dan Noonan was formerly an apprentice to Harry Vas Dias in Geogia. Includes soft case and two reed boxes.
$1950 SOLD! 4/6/2010 to the lady in Wisconsin
Robert Cronin Museum Original



Alto in g 440 Stained Bigleaf Maple Three (plus 2 reeds and reamer included) SingleShawm (Alto in g) New (no waiting for 1-2 years!) - This shawm based on museum originals. The bore and tone-holes have been carefully modified to produce an instrument of exceptionally good response and intonation. The fan-shaped reed projects from a pirouette, and the single key is covered by a fontanelle. The range is two octaves, G3 to G5. This shawm, with its loud and exciting sound, is immensely satisfying to play in the shawm band.$1550 SOLD! 11/11/2007 to the lady in Chicago
Alain Weemaels G. A. Rottenburgh

Traverso 415 European Boxwood and silver key Four SingleTraverso Both Bart Kuijken and Wilbert Hazelzet use traversos by Alain Weemaels! New Instrument with soft case and maintenance kit. Avoid his waiting list of 6-12 months and have your instrument immediately! $1075 SOLD! 8/17/2007
Phil and Gayle Neuman Used Cornamuse Consort
Soprano, Alto, and Tenor 440 Yew or Poplar One plus reed & wind cap SingleRenaissance See Comments 2)$1350 SOLD! 5/22/2006
Deazzi Pellegrin, Venezia Early Romantic 
8-key Clarinet
A corps de rechange on Bb stock TBD Boxwood with Ivory mountings Six SingleClassical (warning: large file size of photo to show details and markings)

See Comments 1)

N/A SOLD to the dealer in Paris 9/25/2005
Stephen Hammer & Jonathan Bosworth Stanesby Jr.
Baroque Oboe or Hautboy 415 European Boxwood Three DoubleSaxon See Comments 3)$1800 SOLD to former modern oboist 4/16/2005
Italian c. 1925 Albert System
Bb Clarinet 440 Rosewood Four 13 KeysAlbert System w/patent C# keySee Comments 4) N/A SOLD to Balkan musician 4/22/2004
Schuchart Traverso Original Maker
Traverso 450+ European Boxwood w/Ivory mountings and brass key Four SingleHotteterre See Comments 5)N/A SOLD to traverso maker from Japan 9/15/2002


1) Original classical/early romantic clarinet. Now plays as "A" clarinet because only the "A" corps de rechange is present. Other joints marked "B" indicating a Bb model. The barrel is marked "London Key" and is contemporary but not original, as is the ebony mouthpiece. Currently a few keys need to be re-sprung, but otherwise in excellent shape. Boxwood is remarkably straight for an instrument this old!

2) Used  Cornamuse Set - These instruments are similar to krumhorns, but are quieter, enabling them to play with recorders. The soprano cornamuse is the same pitch as the tenor recorder, the alto the same as the bass recorder, and the tenor the same as  the great bass. These cornemuses do not have keys, therefore they are limited to a range of a ninth. They can play most of the parts in renaissance krumhorn compilations and medieval duets.

3) Used  baroque oboe formerly played by professional baroque oboist Stephen Hammer. Two new reeds from Stephen Hammer, two new reeds from Sand Dalton and four staples by Sand Dalton. Slight crack in upper joint repaired and small chip on bell ring. Keys work perfectly. Professional quality at a moderate price!

4) Used - All original pieces except for mouthpiece. Fitted with Van Doren B40 mouthpiece and soft ligature.  All keys repadded and resprung. Perfect for traditional jazz, Klezmer or other ethnic.

5) Original traverso bought from an antiques dealer and restored by Herb Myers. New artificial ivory end cap and ring mountings, cleaned, oiled, re-wrapped. New spring and leather pad for original brass key.

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