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Adriana Breukink makes wonderful renaissance and transitional recorders. She designed her “dream flute” to be an instrument for all periods, playing a full two octaves and a note with modern fingering, but having a wider bore than baroque/modern instruments. She sells her own versions of these instruments and also designed the Mollenhauer versions, which are much less expensive. A bass model is coming soon, making possible a complete “Dream” consort.  Portrait of Adriana Breukink from Windkanal 2000 (in German)


Conrad Mollenhauer with Adri Breukink at Stockstadt 2008
Maker Model Size Pitch Material Pieces Holes


Comments List Price Our Price
Mollenhauer Dream Flute (X)

Chanson de Matin - Video
440 MapleTwoDouble EnglishNew - Better sound than the plastic versions! $189New


Mollenhauer Dream Edition
Dowland at ERTA CH 2014
440 PlumwoodTwoDouble EnglishNew - Dream Edition uses superior plumwood! $495New


Mollenhauer Dream Edition
Dowland at ERTA CH 2014
440 PlumwoodTwoDouble EnglishNew - Dream Edition in Plumwood! Excellent consort or solo instrument. $679


Adriana Breukink Dream Transitional

Purcell Pavan in g minor
English Country Dances
415 European Boxwood ThreeDouble/w Key English/BaroqueUsed (As New_ - exquisite tone perfect for 17th c. Italian, English, and German music NLA $2950


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