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Joachim Rohmer is an alumnus of Moeck, where he worked for several years. He decided to stay in Celle, where he has his workshop not far from the center of this very picturesque town. He has a very cheerful disposition and makes recorders with great beauty of tone and response.

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Rohmer Terton


415 Stained European Boxwood Three Double English Used - As New! Excellent soloistic soprano for sonatas and concertos! $1850 $1550
Joachim Rohmer Denner
Alto 415 Maple Three DoubleEnglish Used - Mint Condition!
Lovely tone and very light weight. Great ergonomics! 
$1950 $1650
Joachim Rohmer Bressan

Tenor 415European BoxwoodThreeDoubleEnglish Used in Mint condition! Powerful tenor at A415! $2700


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