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Moeck is one of the oldest (founded in 1930) recorder and woodwind instrument manufacturers today and is currently the largest recorder maker of quality wooden instruments. Dr. Hermann Moeck, the son of the founder, retired by the end of 2002 and bequeathed the firm to his daughter Sabine Haase-Moeck. Together with her husband Dr. Ronald Haase she is managing the company in the third generation. Unicorn Music is an Authorized Moeck Dealer and all new instruments sold through us are covered by Moeck's warranty plan and include a case and maintenance kit. In the last few years Moeck has re-vamped their designs and added new ones, largely through the efforts of Ralf Ehlert, head of production. Unicorn music stocks the renaissance consort instruments, Kynsecker transitional soprano and alto,  Steenbergen sopranos, Ehlert modern alto, Stanesby Sr. and Denner baroque altos at A440 and A415, Hotteterre tenors at A440 and A415 and the Rottenburgh bass with two centers for both A440 and A415. Other Moeck recorders or woodwinds can be special ordered if so desired.

Moeck Steenbergen
Soprano 415 Indian Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish New - professional quality at a moderate price! $850$720
Moeck Rottenburgh
Alto 440 Plumwood w/two ivory rings Three DoubleEnglish Used - with two ivory rings. Slight wear on thumbhole. Plays well! $795$395
Alto440 PlumwoodTwoSingle EnglishFull two octave range! Perfect instrument for 17th Italian and Dutch repertoire$825 New
Moeck Rottenburgh
Alto 440 Ebony w/two ivory rings Three DoubleEnglish Used - with two ivory rings. Revoiced by Dale Taylor to play like new! $995$659
Moeck Steenbergen
Alto 440 Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish Used - outstanding example of Steenbergen model! NLA$1095
Moeck Denner
Alto 415 Castello Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish Uses, As New - Haunting tone, easy high notes! Great for Telemann and Bach! $1429$1095
Moeck Stanesby Sr.
Alto 440 Antiqued Castello Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish New - Haunting tone, excsllent high notes! Beautiful antique finish $1495$1295
Moeck Ehlert (Golson) (X)
Ehlert (Handel) (X)
Alto440 Castello BoxwoodThree Double w/two silver keys English + Special high octave (incl f#!) New - Incredibly powerful low notes plus high f# - all with beautiful baroque voicing! $1795$1549
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