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Mollenhauer was started in Fulda as a woodwind-making company as early as 1822 and the business has been family-owned throughout five generations. Originally, Mollenhauer produced flutes, clarinets, and oboes. After World War II, the original instrument factory was destroyed and Thomas Mollenhauer began the manufacture of recorders under his father's name of Conrad Mollenhauer, making OEM recorders for Barenreiter. Starting in 1953, the widow of Thomas took over the leadership of the company and later passed on ownership to her son, Bernhard Mollenhauer, who has piloted the firm through the development of the Helder modern alto and tenor recorders, the Dream flutes designed by Adriana Breukink, and the Morgan Denner alto recorders.

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Mollenhauer Dream Flute (X)

Chanson de Matin - Video
440 MapleTwoDouble EnglishNew - Better sound than the plastic versions! $189New


Mollenhauer Dream Edition
Dowland at ERTA CH 2014
440 PlumwoodTwoDouble EnglishNew - Dream Edition uses superior plumwood! $539


Mollenhauer Denner 5107
Soprano 440 Pearwood Three DoubleEnglish New - sweet sound. Perfect for either SATB or solo work. Good step up from plastic soprano. $319$229
Mollenhauer Dream Edition
Dowland at ERTA CH 2014
440 PlumwoodTwoDouble EnglishNew - Dream Edition in Plumwood! Excellent consort or solo instrument. $679


Mollenhauer Denner
Mollenhauer Denner Boxwood A440
Alto 440 Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish

Used - Very easy high notes. Excellent quality instrument at a very moderate price!

Mollenhauer Denner Special Edition

 (Special Edition ) X
440 Stained Zapatero Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish New - Soloistic tone! Special quality instrument at a very reasonable! $1525 $1295
Mollenhauer Canta Knick Comfort
Canta Knick Comfort Tenor A440
Tenor 440Pear ThreeDouble English New - Fantastic ergonomical design allows even people with small  hands to play tenor as comfortably as an alto recorder! The sound is quite full and can blend with either baroque or renaissance consort. $1089 $879
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