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Stephan Blezinger started as an apprentice in 1978 with Conrad Mollenhauer in Fulda, Germany after being with the company less than two years as a shop assistant. He achieved his Master degree as a woodwind instrument maker in 1987, with an emphasis on historical woodwinds. While continuing to work for Mollenhauer, he started his own workshop as a side business in 1988 and continued his dual roles until 1991 when he began operating his own workshop full time. 1996 was a big year for Stephan - he moved his workshop to Eisenach and expanded his capacity and also won the German Music Instrument Prize for his Denner Alto.  If you can read German, here is an Interview in Tibia (1998 in German)

Here are some links to articles he has written: 
Ganassi - Kynsecker - Bressan - Denner (In German) 
Recorder Tuning, Part 1 (in German)
Recorder Tuning, Part 2 (in German)

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Stephan Blezinger R. Wijne

Soprano 415 European Boxwood Three Double English Used - Delightful sweet tone. Perfect blend for SATB consort playing  $1850 $1550
Stephan Blezinger Denner
Alto 440 European Boxwood Three DoubleEnglish New - hand-picked in 2018 at Stockstadt! $2250 $2350
Stephan Blezinger Denner
Alto 415 European Boxwood Three Double English New - Incredible power combined with sensuous tone! Perfect for Concertos or Trio Sonatas with violin or oboe. Hand-picked in 2018 at Stockstadt! $2350 $2450
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